Classic HDS Compact C Electric Powered Diesel Heated

Kärcher’s new HDS compact class machine features Kärcher's patented Axial pump integrated with a 2-pole motor for optimum efficiency. Kärcher's efficient and compact downdraft-fired burner uses far less fuel than standard coils. Units come standard with low-fuel shut-off, low-water protection, high-temerpature shut-off, thermal overload protection, soft-grip gun, and 50' hose. All units are ETL certified to UL and CSA standards.

Classic HDS Compact C Electric Powered Diesel HeatedClassic HDS Compact C Electric Powered Diesel Heated
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Classic HDS Compact C Electric Powered Diesel Heated Classic HDS Compact C Electric Powered Diesel Heated


karcher three piston axial pump

Three-piston axial pump

Robust, three-piston axial pump features detergent-resistant brass cylinder head and stainlless steel valves. The pump is protected by a pressure switch, overflow valve and soft damping system.

karcher classic power nozzle

Power Nozzle

The power nozzle included delivers 40% more impact than standard nozzle for faster cleaning.

karcher classic large control dial

Easy to read control dial

The large control dial and LED lights provide clear and easy control of all import functions.

karcher classic downdraft burner

92% efficient burner technology

Karcher's 92% efficient burner technology delivers the most fuel efficient heating in the industry. Karcher has been perfecting its burner design since 1950 and as a reasult has designed a burner with a number of innovative features; an extra-efficient heating chamber, a double pass coil system and a pre-heated air intake. Together these features deliver heat-transfer efficiency that results in fuel savings of 25% or more compared to most competitive brands. With todays high fuel prices you can benefit from cleaning faster and better with hot water while saving some serious money.

karcher classic indicator lights

Indicator Lights

The Karcher classic series features a number of indicator lights to make it easier than ever to know what your pressure washer is doing. It includes indicators for low fuel, low-water level, low scale inhibator level, power and burner status. 

karcher classic flue gas temperature system

High Temperature Protection

The flue gas temperature sensor inside teh flue shuts off the machine when the flue temperature exceeds 572 degrees. This ensures greater safety for both the machine and the operator.

Karcher classic air cooled motor

Air-cooled motor

Air-cooled motor is integrated with the pump in a single housing providing efficient energy transfer and smooth, quite operation.

karcher easy pull trigger gun

Easy-press trigger gun

Easy-press trigger gun features a shock absorbing soft-grip handle, on-gun swivel connection and one-finger operation.

Auto Start / Stop

Pressure controlled auto start / stop ensures motor and pump shut down automatically when trigger gun is released.

High pressure detergent injection

High-pressure detergent injection system features integrated 2-gallon soap tank and metering valve to accurately and precisely vary te detergent volume.

Stainless Steel Wand

Durable 41" insulated stainless steel wand rotates 360 degrees under pressure.

Prevent scale build-up

Karchers proprietary RM-110 scale inhibiting system prevents the build-up of mineral deposits inside the coil.

Low-water protection

Low-water sensors prevent the burner from igniting when incoming water levels are too low.

Motor Protection

Built-in motor protection guards against damage caused by high amp draw and temperatures.

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Model No. GPM PSI HP Voltage Amps Pump Pump RPM Ship Wt
Classic HDS Compact "C" 2.3/12 C Ed 2.3 1200 2.8 120V 1PH 20 Direct Drive 270 lbs.
Classic HDS Compact "C" 3.0/20 C Ea 3 2000 5.7 230V 1PH 20 Direct Drive 279 lbs.